Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Texas Style Rain

This evening we experienced a downpour with Texas size raindrops; a downpour that was deafening.
My 17 year old son and my 9 year old daughter ran outside and played in the rainstorm until their clothes were drenched and then some. It came down so hard and fast that it looked like a river on the patio pavers, interestingly enough, my two children laid down on them to feel the rush of water. Then it thundered, and hail shot down from the sky all the while my 2 year old was staring in wonderment. My daughter raced into the house but then turned around as soon as the thunder was over and headed for the trampoline. We opened the sliding glass door so that my toddler could go out and play too but the sound of the downpour on our metal roof and barn was too unfamiliar to him; so was seeing his siblings jumping on the trampoline in a hailing rainstorm.

If I closed my eyes I could see Oklahoma and smell the rainbow after the storm, but all I could see were my crazy gallivanting kids having fun in the rain!! Open or closed my eyes loved every minute!