Saturday, December 4, 2010

Startling Facts I Recently Learned

I love lists.  They are easy to read, easy to create, and easy to check things off of, and that makes me feel accomplished. This list is mainly composed of stuff that has happened to me in the past few days.

1. When my eyes are dilated, I love my hands, my nails, and the diamond in my ring. Things look much more pleasant and sparkly for some reason this way.

2. I was informed, after my eyes were dilated, that "BIFOCALS" might help if I continue to read, go to school, or use the computer.  I did not want to hear that!!

3. While cleaning up in the kitchen I found a scrap piece of paper in my flax grinder (coffee grinder used to grind flax).  I guess this meant that I ate paper for breakfast with my oatmeal....that is kinda weird.

4. I fought the registrar at UAF and I won!

5. I jumped a friends car battery today, she put her ends on wrong and BOTH our cars are running fine, but the cables melted down and caught on fire.

6. I found a lady in line at the post office that was wearing BOG boots! They ARE actually sold in Fairbanks, AK!  yay!!