Thursday, June 23, 2011

That's Entertainment

I made it to the lower 48! (After leaving behind 4 bags from my rooftop carrier, unloading half the contents of my personal suitcase and taking out half the groceries in the ice little Volvo was sitting ON THE TIRES ... .RELOAD!!)  Back in the States is like being on another planet especially after driving through St. Louis in rush hour! It is difficult to describe my near 5000 miles of driving, anyway,  I am going to prioritize some stuff in my life now since I am NOT in school, NOT working for the summer, and ONLY taking care of the underage children in my life. I found a post from my Spring pre-finals, and thought I would post before I really get back into the blogosphere.

Written earlier:
Life has been mostly mother reports or weather reports. Life is so busy, or is it? Are there people out there NOT running themselves ragged with kids, activities, scouts, medical issues, vehicle upkeep, your job, his job, the older kid jobs, school, homework that never EVER gets finished, animals, and did I mention potty training?

Flicks that entertain my brain:

The Emerald Forest
First of all it took me three sittings to watch it all. Without the fast forward button, I just couldn't have endured it. Every parents nightmare is losing your kid, maybe in the ex-burbs, at a nascar race, or like me, even in my own house.  This movie is about an engineer who loses his young son to the jungle while on a family picnic in South America.  The only clue he has  is a yellow and black feather that comes from an "invisible" people.

It seems like the entire inspiration for the cartoon "Fern Gully" or James Cameron's epic "Avatar." Civilization (and technology that we are so addicted to), is the ultimate evil in this movie, and encroaches upon the life giving green forest. I am Girl Scout Green, therefore, I am easily mesmerized by the lack of technology, no cell phones, and the primitive instincts of the clan tribes that dwell deep in the forest not to mention the ease and lack or need of modern clothing. I kinda want to lie naked now with my mate only clothed in leaves and flowers in a tropical climate possibly the same wardrobe as Eve before "The Fall of Mankind", you know when we were ALL vegetarians.

A great edge of your seat movie, at least for me.
Raising Hope
My absolute high-light of the week that brings laughs to the entire family, which can be also be embarrassing at times.
Speed Racer
You might need to dull your screen color settings for this one.

Movies I want to see:
Black Swan (I love Natalie Portman and ballet)
The Kings Speech
Tron (for the kid in me)
Despicable Me (same reason)
The Social Network
The Blind Side
Gulliver's Travels