A Little Bit About Me

I grew up as an Aramcon Brat in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia.  My dad worked for the Arabian American Oil Company. He was an Instrument Engineer flying on a helicopter to a platform in the Persian Gulf everyday. I am still unsure what he actually did there. Those were good times growing up on the beach with friends from all over the world. We have all reconnected through the ABI and through Facebook.

Marrying young and moving again overseas this time to Alaska I began to homeschool my kids.  The town I live in is similar to the town in Saudi because they both are refinery towns.  The sparkling lights remind me of big city lights, even though we are a small town that pulls oil directly from the pipeline that wanders over a vast and wonderful landscape ending at the terminal in Valdez. I stopped homeschooling when the special needs of my children became too much to handle.  They had to go, or I had to go. God bless the Fairbanks North Star Borough!

I have been changing diapers most of the time since 1989.  I did not plan this.

I love genealogy, it is an addiction that I found in the early 90's.  I can get sucked into research and not come back up for air for days.  Which is really bad when there are dirty diapers to change.

I have completely finished over 65 archival photo albums now where to put them? It stemmed from a home business that I owned for 10 years (while homeschooling) to teach people how to archive and storytell.  While NOT growing up around my grandparents a yearning was created to know more about the past.  I feel like I missed out on something, something all my cousins got to partake in that I didn't get.  I think this has fueled the genealogy addiction.

I am a military spouse previously of the Air Force and now the Air National Guard of Alaska with 5 children.  YES, I SAID FIVE! As my eldest children have begun leaving the nest in pursuit of careers I decided to join them!! How embarrassing (for them)! However, the transition to campus life has been nice since three of us have been learning the ropes and attending the same school. Soon we will all have new careers!  The next few years looks to be exciting and full of change!