Sunday, June 6, 2010

How does one demonstrate his or her belief in an opinion?

Through writing one can support belief in an idea through argumentation or by providing evidence and reasons to support the idea. Credibility comes from researching both sides and the quality of resources and writing skills. Summarizing a work is a good way to demonstrate belief in an opinion. Does the article seem open minded to argumentation from the other side? With a reasonable amount of proper research on many opposing views one should be able to decide what it is that they believe. It may take some time, thought, and possibly modification to come to a stand on an issue especially if more truth is uncovered. Exploring, researching and finding the key outlet for your argument will demonstrate effectively where you stand on an issue. Outlets include, correspondence, letters to the editor, newspaper columns, public affairs or magazines, journals, proposals to agencies, legal briefs on court decisions, public affairs advocacy ads, websites, blogs and postings, visual arguments, and speeches.

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