Monday, March 21, 2011

Things are going great....I have a few posts in mind....but midterms are killing me and I am 2 labs behind.  Oh my little laboratory awaits me!

I am sooo happy mother is doing well, when she went in to her appointment on Friday, everyone was shocked at her wonderful appearance.  They asked her how she felt, she replied, "How do I look?  My hair is fixed and my lipstick is on!!"

Some of the nurses were so shocked that they told her when she was recovering from the two surgeries last month, they thought she would definitely be a donor (and they really told her that).  I am not sure I could reveal that to a patient, shocking!

Yippee!  So very glad! Can't wait to get back to the lower 48 and see my mommy!!

So appreciative of the prayers.

Thanks all!


  1. So very glad to hear the good news. Here's hoping it is continuing at this date!

  2. Glad to hear about your Mom! And I understand about blogging taking second place to school work. I am terrible at blogging and I am not even in school right now. Best of luck! I still Love your blog. :-)