Friday, July 16, 2010

Lesson 8 responding to Advertising and Violence

The strongest argument in this article is that sex used in advertising is dehumanizing and objectifying especially for women. Companies display advertisements that grabs peoples attention by images that are hurtful to women and violent to women which is a truth we all know about. Violent crimes against women committed by men are prolific in American culture. Take for instance the Calvin Klein ad for a perfume displaying a nude, adolescent girl lying stomach on a sofa, gripping one side. In extremely faint letter in the background you read Obsession for men. It makes one think, is that really the name of the perfume or is a submissive, nude girl looking like she is ready to be dominated or assaulted really the obsession of men? Aadvertising like this makes is seem like pedophilia is mainstream in our country and girls are just objects. Advertising sexually explicit material doesn't cause the crime but it takes it one step in the wrong direction.

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