Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't forget your name badge!

Nursing Blog: Day 2 First Semester

Because of HIPAA and Ethical practices there doesn't seem that there is much to
blog about specifically....But I CAN say that if you are not wearing your name badge....
you may go home and find it, NOW please!  So note to myself, find a way to never EVER
leave my name badge behind, EVER!

High standards, strict rules, I can handle it.


The color of the uniform (basic Landau scrubs in hunter green) is my color season or my
personality type #3 according to dressing your truth makeover tips.

Family atmosphere, already created on the first day by swapping
phone numbers and social media sites etc. It's apparent that we will need each other.
In a typical semester I usually gain one good friend each semester of school. I have gained
40 good friends in just ONE day and getting to know at least 5 people much better each day.

First two days are done, off to work, daycare, dinner, enforcing that the kids take care of the pets, put all to bed to begin HOMEWORK!

Still overwhelmed!

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