Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two Major Seasonal Events

When living in the far North and the weather starts to change there comes a defining point when it is certain that winter is here (besides seeing ice art all over town).

  • you no longer wear shorts or sandals.....well  mostly
  •  there is snow or ice on the ground
  • you have to change to blisak or studded tires 
  • windshields are always needing to be scraped, plan extra time for this
  • you have to warm your car at least 5 minutes or use auto start
  • you wear hats, scarves, mittens, and a jacket or coat
Far North living has an extra winter seasonal change, it is when the bitter cold and negative temps from 0 to -50 below set in. 
  • you plug in your vehicle at night to keep the block and battery from freezing
  • you might wear polypro underwear and pull out the heavy coat
  • you wear thicker socks and consider wearing bunny boots, mukluks, or norwegian Lobbens
  • you start your car and let it run for 30 minutes before going anywhere
  • you can't send your kids to school without getting turned in to social services for neglect unless they have snowpants, boots, hats, scarves, and mittens along with all the under wear and regular wear.
  • you give the outdoor animals the exact amount of water that they will need to drink otherwise it freezes solid
  • you only let the kids go outside to play if it warms up to -20 below or warmer
  • 10 degrees feels a whole lot warmer after this kind of cold
Here are some other fun things that we get to do when it is frigid of coffee thrown up in the air at -40 below zero, click on the image below:

Click the video links below for youtube videos of shooting a supersoaker at -40 degrees below zero.

So far it has only hit zero a couple of times.  With the holidays come the colder temperatures.  Everyone be safe out there!! Have a beautiful winter season!!

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