Saturday, January 29, 2011

Applying for School

It is kinda stressful knowing that you are one of 300 people applying for 74 spots in a nursing school.  Here in my local area it is more like 70 people applying for 16 spots.  I am practicing for my nurse entrance exam right now. I found an online website to do this. Plus the TEAS website offers practice problems yet I cannot seem to find them.  The application is 16 pages long. Is that scary or crazy?  SCARY CRAZY!!

It is hard to figure all this out all by yourself.  It is good to talk to lots and lots of people especially administrators.  So often advisors aren't around.  They are pretty busy people and for some reason they are not always the best help. They are important though, because their important signiture is very important at the beginning of each semester.

I learned a strategy recently from my last Chemistry homework online by Sapling.  I couldn't figure out a problem for the life of me.  I used my textbook, I used google, and I used the hints available.  Nothing worked, I still got the problem wrong every single time yet......I never hit the button that said "give up and see the answer".  I kept clicking the "try again" button.  After doing the problem 23 times I ended up getting it right and in this case got partial credit for the problem.

Never give up, keep on trying!

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