Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random things I Learned Since Going Back To School

Casio FX 300ES Scientific Calculator

  1. My youngest kiddo is speech delayed (and I thought he liked everyone talking for him!)
  2. Midterms and Finals make bad hair weeks, and makes your family avoid you at all costs.
  3. My eyesight is worse than ever before, not only is there not ENOUGH time to study but now there are eye appointments. (picked up blended bifocals yesterday....bah!)
  4. Kids cannot attend daycare without biannual flu shots
  5. If I knew I was so good at jumping through hoops I might have done this sooner or joined the circus!
  6. Do not ever ever think the worst, or the best of any class until FINAL GRADES are posted. 
  7. Do not  ever click the "I give UP show me the answer" button it weakens your score
  8. There are many ways to curve a test, and professors use that knowledge when you never give up
  9. My husband all of a sudden became a GAME GOURMET CHEF, which was fortunate otherwise we might have starved this past semester.  It was handy but more than that delicious!
  10. How to do permutations and other keys on my calculator.
  11. This one is very IMPORTANT for Nook users....Nookstudy is NOT the same as Nook for pc, get the right free download or you could LOSE YOUR ENTIRE LIBRARY!!!

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