Friday, January 28, 2011


So far January has been full of paperwork and me spending whole weeks going from office to office trying to get people to do their jobs. I am convinced that smaller universities and colleges are more efficient.

Nurse clipart

After all the glitches in my student account I have been applying to Nursing school.  The paperwork alone and the to do list took weeks.  The list is getting smaller though.  I can recall real quick some things left to do.

  • Redo CPR training
  • get a new First Aid card that I lost
  • full medical checkup
  • chest x-ray
  • entrance exam
  • get my house ready to sell
  • pack up my house
  • move half my family 4000 miles

I have a detailed list even longer add to that my last four classes that started January 10th!  I didn't get signed up for them until a week after they began and I am still waiting for one book to get here.  I am behind the ball again.  Catching up is something I seem to be good at.

This semester I am taking Lifespan, English, Microbiology, and Computer Systems.

Crossing my fingers that my app is in good standings!

Now back to work, school, Girl Scouts, and kids!

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