Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Mom and These are Her Boots

Update and boots for bonnie!

Mom is doing well, she gets up for a few minutes each day to walk around.  She ate real food this morning which is super after 5 days of no food.  The pain doesn't let her rest much yet.  Bonnie and/ or dad are with her all the time.  It is not likely that she gets out to go home today.

The IV line was taken out today as well.  She is taking strolls down the hall with help. We are all pleased with her progress especially the fact that she ate some meatloaf, yes meatloaf is the word, if the report is correct.

Also, I found the most awesome boots.  When I saw them I immediately thought of Bonnie.  All my kids always want to go home with Auntie Bonnie.  She takes kids skating, the pool, the park well...they have a tonage of fun.  Bonnie is always on the go having fun fun fun!  I bet she has a shoe for every occasion but I bet she doesn't have these boots!!
Aren't these adorable and bonnilicious?? They are 
purrrrect for my ultimate frisbee sis.
Here is another cool site to see more colors, I love boots!!
Verbier has the most awesome boots. 

Thanks for being with mom and skyping with us!
We love you Bonnie!!
Love you too mom!!

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