Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines for you nana!

This valentine is for you Nana!  It is made by Daisy and she says that there is no other one like it in the world, just like you.

Here is Daisy, she made about 30 handmade valentines for all the friends in her class. On the back she wrote all kinds of things like "You're a HOOT!!" and "OWL be your friend" and stuff like that. Some of the owls have a hint of anime, if you know what that is.  

Here are the 3 youngest kiddos at the table at a mandatory MAKE YOUR OWN VALENTINES annual meeting because I am not spending money on fake v-cards that are meaningless. REALLY, I won't buy them!  I might go get a bouquet of red liquorice though, especially after the latest twizzler commercial.

Harrison was uber excited about gluing circles and hearts. With my help we made 6 OWL valentines for his preschool teachers and pasted hearts on top of hearts for all his preschool friends. We lost caps to 5 glue sticks and he didn't eat any glue so I am pretty pleased with myself.  
This is Daisy's owl for Mrs. Kassel her 5th grade teacher.  She was very impressed with the angry the eyebrows even though Mrs. Kassel is the nicest teacher EVER!  

Isaiah even made some but refused to admit it and we cannot find any of them. By the way, I think that is the orange striped shirt that Nana got him last summer which he hasn't taken off ALL week.   He has a level of confidence that cannot be reckoned with.  He is sure what he wants to wear and for how long. He keeps the wood boiler going, the inside wood stove, the horses feed and watered even at -40 like it is right now.  So my threats to bathe just aren't going anywhere unless I threaten not to feed him.

The pics are taken with my phone cam.  You know, I used to take MUCH better pictures but with kid #5 it just doesn't matter anymore.  I have bought 3 cameras recently. One for every year of Harrison's life and he killed them all.  I am okay with mediocre photos. 

This vOWLentine wins the CUTE award.

This vOWLentine wins the best smile.

Harrison made this one.

There was a big mess on the floor.  Actually it was there before we started this project but I made the kids sweep the whole house and clean up all the bits of paper. (Wasn't that smart of me?)

These two are joined at the wing.  Daisy is giving this one to Carena, her BFF since preschool. Now turn your head sideways and say aw...............................

Then look who shows up!  Sister and boyfriend!! Again, aw................

suzannah and Dale made valentines too!  
Happy vOWLentines Day to you!

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