Monday, February 21, 2011

Today in the Aftermath of Whiteout

This is my car after yesterday.  Yes we are  snowed in.  It took us 
all day to get up the nerve to go outside, you see my husband sold
 the plow that goes in front of his truck.   
this is the front deck

most of the snow fell off the barn, we had to shovel a path,
 my washing machines are out there ya know



me in my comfy clothes and bogg boots making trails

Isaiah jumped in the deep end

backyard paths to the boiler

this is an Alaskan hangover

it would be so great to time the fall of that snow
 right when sam walks under the eave

snow much snow

squirt went out and played til the wind picked up again

all the vehicles, well most, there are two other trucks
on the property, a car in the garage and a snowmachine
but we can't find it in the snow
pathway to the laundry room

pathway to the green house

we found the snowmachine and no, it doesn't create snow 
for ski slopes, it is what people in the lower 48 call
snowmobiles.  No one uses that terminology here.

this is the good side of my car, the wind blew hard 

this is a path that the renter took to the road, and 
left the shovel there practically in the road

my grill, won't be using it today

the purpose of this picture was to view
the trampoline, I actually tried to zoom in on it
I guess I could take any picture, that is all white
and say, "that's a picture of our trampoline in a snowstorm"

two guys acting dumb and got stuck, they tried to ramp a 
bunch of fluffy snow onto the back yard, but there
is a 3.5 foot keystone wall there, nice try

finally got it unstuck and drove right through the 
entry area to my courtyard squeezing by the wall
of samistan and over my snow hidden stone bonfire pit

a good friend came over to help clear the way, 
then we helped with his driveway

this is the luckiest guy in the universe

my precious ones

sink picture, this is very very important, Lynn will know
but if you want to know, follow this sink link


  1. you probably never saw the real thing before??!!

  2. Christy: Where is your coat? :-)

  3. It was really REALLY warm, 28 ABOVE zero! When it snows here then the temperature usually warms up. When it is clear it gets bitter tonight -39. eek, can't wait for summer...