Friday, February 11, 2011

this valentines day......... send some love


This is an informative post about the person in my life that I love the most in all the world, my mom.

I wanted to let you know what is happening.

Please keep my mother in prayer.  Her cancer has come back after more than a year of being cancer free.  Actually her blood tests still indicate no cancer.  Last weeks biopsy has proven that in fact it is cancer.

She has not fully recovered fully from chemotherapy and radiation from last year.  Monday, February 14, in the afternoon in OKC she is having surgery to remove all cancer and to remove some anatomy and have been ruined with the regrowth of the same tumor. She will also have reconstruction so that some muscle will be removed from her leg or abdomen to fill in.

Mom and Dad have full confidence in the OU surgeons and are ready for this. They are in good spirits. We are hoping the best.  Please pray for her recovery, that all the cancer is found, and taken care of.

At this point it has not metastasized.  I am only relaying what I have been informed so that you can be included in our prayer circle. Please do not bombard my dad will calls.  I will update here what I know.

Feel free to message me on fb, skype, or text me if you have questions.

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