Monday, February 21, 2011

That was Yesterday

I hate it when I cannot find something in the house. Like when you need a new blade for the paint scraper for a project that needs to be done NOW!  I have probably 3 packages of scraper blades. It is a whole lot easier to just go to Safeway on aisle 13 where they have odds and ends of hardware and buy a new package.

I know exactly where Safeway keeps all their stuff there. It is all vertical, easy to see, and face forward.  I just wish that I could find things that easy. Earlier today, cleaning out my junk drawer I ended up throwing away a ton of things.  Needed things, that I went to the store and rebought because I couldn't find them when I needed them.  I hate that. It is just as good as a slap in the face, really.  It is like my own personal FAIL blog. Right? I have found a remedy, my friend Lynn and I started something new....tell you more about it later in the post.

It even generates some of the same feelings as having my significant husband all of a sudden become interested in traveling cooking shows and then actually cooking the stuff that he sees only with game meat. It's kinda cool and kinda not. Oh, his dishes that he creates are delicious don't get me wrong.
Nevertheless, the ingredient usage is what is killing me softly.  He shops for bell peppers, red peppers, zucchini of a certain size and firmness, celery, and onions of all types and not to mention, fresh, yes, I said it, fresh not frozen, brussel sprouts.

WTH! I'm not making the Sarah Palin WTF mistake like on Fox News...but really? ..............REally?

I have been married umpteen million 23 years to the same person that previously did nada in the kitchen, and now seems to take over the fresh food shopping, discussing sale prices, and the exotics of each supermarket in town. The above mentioned items of the vegetable category were all previously avoided at all cost because they caused a stomach ache or something like a plague to my husband. Even though these veges are good for you, flavor meals, enhance other meats, and are quite tasty, my number 1, most important person that I cook for, numero uno, would never be caught eating them.  I know what it is like to slave over the stove and never get a comment, to have people pick out green peppers, and to never show any gratification except when the meal is over....."Do you mind if I make a pbj?"

Bell peppers are usually and as of last week and the past 23 years not allowable in potatoe salad, cole slaw because mothers slaw wans't made that way, sloppy joes, meatloaf, grilled on burgers, picked off pizza, and do not even ever attempt to stuff them whole.... but that was

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All my peppers seemed so far away....
now it looks as though there here to stay....
long as sam's cooking is here always!!!!!!

Sam cooked the most decadent stuffed red peppers tonight and we all ate them.  They were really really super.  He is going gourmet all the way.  It is still just so strange to me. Anyway that is what is going on over here, at my house.  I am also trying out the music thing on this post to see if it works.

Tomorrow, with conservation in mind, so that I don't have to go to the store continually repurchase items that I cannot find in my house, I am beginning the Flylady's 30 Day program to get my house in shape. I will be saving money and space. Tomorrow is day one.  Notice that I said tomorrow and not today? I need a day to prepare.

Here is what I will be doing, I am taking the Beginner course.  Baby steps.....
Pretty soon I will buy her mop.


  1. okay, so I realize this music thing that works for so mnay bloggers out there is NOT working for me. I have read lots of instructions and played around with it.....NOT WORKING!! I know the first link takes you to another page, not what I had in mind and the player doesn't do anything. at all.

    any ideas anybody?

  2. Yes!! I think I fixed it! FAILURE I am NOT!